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I always need to remind myself of the things that give me life and make me feel whole; the things that make life joyful. I don’t mean the things that just make me "feel good." I am talking about the things in my life that give it (my life) purpose and meaning. These are the things that give us energy and hope.

My family and my extended family keep me grounded and connected. As long as I feel closely connected to a group of people, I believe I will feel connected to wherever I am on earth. I feel more comfortable here knowing that my family loves me and welcomes me, just as I am. I feel welcome on earth partly because my family makes me feel welcome. It is real love.

Prayer keeps my vision clear and my thoughts more calm. Without prayer, I lose sense of direction. I make decisions that I later disagree with when I neglect my prayer life. Through prayer, I have found my calling and I have become a more confident man. I know better than to stop praying. It is my life line.

Destinations are necessary. I need to be moving toward something and it should always be a positive place. I develop bad habits without a destination and a travel plan. I try my best to stay vigilant about goals, planning, and consistency. These things keep me moving in a positive direction. The more I pursue good things, the less focus I will put on things that will harm me. I always need to be working on something and helping people. Helping people is a "non-negotiable" for me and it can be done every day.

When things aren’t going well, review how much time and energy you are investing into the things that bring you life. Without your investment, you will be left running on the things that make you feel better instead of the things that heal your soul.



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