Recovery Coaching

The transition into a healthier lifestyle can be very difficult for those who have struggled with substance and alcohol abuse. The removal of toxic behaviors, followed by the implementation of new, healthy behaviors/habits is essential. Having an individual to hold you accountable in a supportive manner is important. This experience can be overwhelming for many. It is helpful to have someone to guide and supervise you through this process. As a recovered addict/alcoholic, I understand what it feels and looks like from the client’s perspective. I am living proof that it can be done. It is not only possible, but it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to make a healthy transition. Ask about Recovery Coaching for more information!

family Coaching

Experiencing a loved one struggle with addiction can be a very difficult situation for the family. Parents, spouses, children, siblings, and grandparents are almost always perplexed by the changes in behavior, personality they witness in a family member struggling with alcohol or substance abuse; someone they once knew so well. If a family has not experienced this before, it is very important to have someone with experience in these things. Someone who has worked with individuals abusing alcohol or other substances, to provide guidance. Perhaps this is not the first time your family has dealt with something of this nature, but you would like to try a different approach this time. Family Coaching sessions are a time to ask all of the questions you have been searching to find answers for, as well as a time to plan and strategize how you will handle the situation moving forward. Call or email us today and learn how we can help your family walk through this difficult time together.

Life Coaching

Some people spend a lifetime searching for happiness. Oftentimes, we look in all the wrong places in hopes that we will gain fulfillment in our jobs, relationships, hobbies or social environment. What if we started looking deeper inside of ourselves for those answers? What would we find? Many of us know exactly what we want to achieve, but we aren’t quite sure how to get to the next level of performance. Whether it be a professional goal, improvement with fitness and nutrition, or a desire to have healthy, more fulfilling relationships; sometimes we need guidance from an outside source. 

sober companion

Not everyone is ready for a coach. For individuals pursuing a change in lifestyle, it is very common to feel alone at times. Most of our friends and relationships were established through unhealthy behaviors and in an unstable environment. Many people benefit from spending time with someone who is well established in their recovery, and is willing to help guide them through the beginning stages of living in recovery. Going to new meetings, finding healthy new activities, and other things like this are much easier when we have someone to show us the way. Ask for more information about a Sober Companion to learn more!

sober transportation / sober escort

Pursuing treatment can be a very difficult endeavor for both the individual seeking help, as well as the family of the person suffering. Sometimes this needs to be done immediately or at a very inconvenient time of the day or week. We are glad to provide safe, reliable, sober transportation to and from treatment. We are available for ground transportation escort, as well as by air travel. The purpose is to
provide a positive, responsible escort to make sure the client arrives at the destination safely. We are available to travel for days at a time and/or accommodate specific needs you may have. We are also available to provide transportation to meetings, court dates, sober living, hospital/doctor visits, etc. Ask us for more information about our sober escort/transportation services!