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"I devoted all of my teenage years and most of my twenties to searching for fulfillment in all of the wrong places. I became highly addicted to alcohol and drugs and nearly lost my life several times. During those years, my family suffered more than anyone. For my parents, it was difficult to understand how to help me and I didn’t know how to help myself. They weren’t trained for this. During those times, we needed someone to provide answers and guidance. We needed help from someone with experience in these areas and we needed it yesterday.

Today, my role is to provide families and young men with some answers and direction. I have found my calling in helping each family navigate through their own unique process. I am blessed to have the opportunity to utilize my experience to help those weathering the same storm.”

 – Neal Williams

Neal Williams is a Life Coach and the founder of Elevated Lifestyle Academy. Elevated Lifestyle Academy provides life coaching, case management, and consulting services for families with adolescent and young adult boys. ELA specializes in working with those battling addiction and/or substance use. In addition to ELA, Neal is a recovered addict & alcoholic, recovery advocate, and author. In February of 2022, Neal and his dad released their book, Letters Home: A Journey Into Recovery.

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Our mission is to properly equip young men with the knowledge, the tools, and the confidence to succeed in recovery and in life. By including the families in this process, they are able to adequately support their loved ones through their own transition. 

We help families pick up the pieces and start growing again. 

Read Neal's Book: "Letters Home,  A Journey To Recovery"

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"At the tail end of my years in addiction, I was sent away for a while. During my incarceration, my dad and I communicated through letters consistently for the first year and a half of my recovery. Letters Home is a collection of our letters to one another during that time, as well as some of my poetry, photos, and more details about our journey. We pray that our experiences will help you to feel hope and see light on the other side of darkness."

- Neal 

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