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Life doesn’t happen TO US. Life just happens, and some people choose to live as victims. We all experience trials and tribulations. We all have trauma that needs to be addressed. We all have toxic traits to some extent, big or small.

There is no question as to whether or not some people are born into better situations than others. It happens every day and will continue to happen until the end of time. Everyone’s journey through life looks a little different. Some of us are dealt a very difficult hand. Things happen in our lives and we choose how to respond. That is how life goes. How we respond determines the direction in which our life moves.

When I look at the difference between how my life was when I was on the streets and how it is now in a healthier way of life, it is very clear. The way I respond to life has changed. I no longer fight everything that happens. I work with the situation and I work to influence my future. I have found that while I cannot predict the future or make things happen; my lifestyle heavily influences the situations I find myself walking through in the future.

One thing I can always control is my response to life. Today, let avoid being a victim. Let’s respond to life with composure and the drive to make a difference.

Let’s do the best with what we’ve been given.



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