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If your behaviors don’t change, your life won’t change. If the changes don’t STAY in your life, the results won’t be consistent. Things will fall apart without new, positive, long term behavior.

I remember wanting to give up, when I was still in the beginning stages of my transformation. I had invested ten years into my destructive lifestyle, yet I was balking at a few years of investment into a positive lifestyle. It was unfair to expect big results after such little time spent sewing into those things.

Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged after a little resistance in the beginning. It is hard to make a complete 180 degree turn in your life. Welcome the challenge and adapt to a life of positive behavior.

We reap what we sew.

Have a great week!



Full Body Mayhem

As always, warm up properly before starting your training session, and please consult a physician before starting a new exercise regimen.

  1. Assault Bike - 5 Rounds @ ten calories (go as hard as you can until you burn 10 calories). Rest 90 seconds and repeat until you hit five rounds.

  2. Trap Bar Deadlift - 4 sets x 3 reps. 1-2 min rest

  3. Overhead Shoulder Press- 4 sets x 8 reps. Rest 1 min between sets

  4. Sled Pushes 3 x 50 ft walkouts. Rest 60 seconds between sets

  5. Walking Lunges 3 x As Many Reps As Possible for 30 seconds. Rest 60 seconds

Workout provided by: Juan Martinez at West Texas Strength Training Facility


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