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Stay present.

After a few years into recovery, I quickly began receiving more business opportunities. I was meeting more people at a higher level and I was building strong relationships in both my personal and professional life. At the same time, I was investing much of my free time into the recovery community. As a result, I was presented with more opportunities to serve and work with others.

Things happened fast and it felt like the pace of life picked up significantly almost overnight. I began catching myself rushing conversations and casually dismissing people at times. I was not intentionally being rude, but I was being dismissive nonetheless. I was getting caught up in the quantity of tasks and was now sacrificing the quality of time I spent with people and on projects. Fortunately, I was able to recognize this was happening and make necessary adjustments.

I must always continue to remind myself to stay present. The person in front of me is the most important person in the world. The task at hand is what matters most.

As life begins to give you more attention and favor, it is important to make judgment calls and use discernment. None of us can do everything and help everyone. However, we should always stay present with the person or project that we are working with RIGHT NOW.

Live in the moment. Remain present with what life has for you HERE AND NOW.



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