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Be different. Embrace your individuality. There is a special path for you in this life that no one else can forge. We have too many people running around trying to be like somebody else. It’s ok to admire people and learn from their success, but don’t try to mimic who they are internally. You will miss the mark. We don’t know who someone truly is on the inside or why they are that way. The same applies to others when it comes to who we are deep down inside ourselves. We can’t be them and they can’t be us.

I tried to be so many different people as I got older. Most of them were not good people. None of them true to myself. I was a lost boy searching for an identity that belonged to other men. To make it even more confusing, I was trying to emulate other men who were emulating SOMEONE ELSE who was lost inside. Just a bunch of lost souls following one another. What a mess...

When I chose to invest in myself and explore my innermost being, I began to understand who I was and what I am here for. Since that day, everything has seemed to flow. I have found more happiness and success that ever before. Life seems to make perfect sense to me these days. Without the decision to be comfortable with who I am, none of this would be possible.

Invest in your own self-discovery. Give yourself time to develop and grow. As you become to know yourself better, you will learn to walk confidently in your own purpose and passion.

Be true to yourself. Nobody can do this better than you!

- Neal


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