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“We must dare to be great; and we must realize that greatness is the fruit of toil and sacrifice and high courage.” – William Howard Taft

Recently, I was listening to a guy talk about the difference between being a dad and being a good dad. There was a part where he created a visual for the audience, by saying: “Do you want to be the lazy, tired and out of shape dad? The kind where you walk out in front of your kid’s friends and they say ‘yeah…that’s my dad…’ (in disappointed tone of voice) OR do you want to be the dad who is up early, getting after it working hard? The one who is involved in his family’s lives. The kind of dad where you show up in front of his friends and they say ‘Yeah! THAT is MY dad! This applies to every role in my life.

Do I want to be a coach or a great coach?

I want to make an impact and change lives. This isn’t just a job.

Do I want to be a friend to others or do I want to be the kind of friend who pushes my friends to excel and be better?

I want fruitful relationships, not a bunch of “buddies.”

Do I want to be a sponsor or do I want to be a show other men what kind of miracles can come from God and the program when you truly apply these things to your life?

I want to be a part of something life changing. I’m not just trying to get by and not be a drunk. I want more.

Do I want to be a man or do I want to be a good man? One who loves, helps, and leads others?

Anything less isn’t even a man in my book.

I will never be an average or basic anything, especially when it comes to being a man. We all have a role to play, and some of us have many. No matter what position you are in, make the decisions to play it at the highest level possible. We can always “be” whatever we are. I will always choose to evolve and become something more.

Today, I encourage you to do your best at being whoever you are; by becoming the best version that you can be.



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