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The word “fail” has made a sharp and painful noise in my ear for most of my life. I think of failing high school and I think of failing drug tests for probation. I think about failing to meet my parents expectations and all of my failed relationships.

When I look back on things, I see where my perspective finally shifted in regard to my failures. It took me until 2013 to finally realize that I had life lessons in front of my face every time I make a mistake. For years, I blasted through those things like I was speeding through a red light, because I was trying to make something happen. I decided to start adjusting my behavior to bring better results.

The last few years, I have failed at many things. I have joined projects that failed. I procrastinated on things that are very important as a business owner. I have chosen to work with people who were very unkind. I have made so many mistakes! But I have also learned valuable lessons. I have made adjustments and I have made very close friends. I have also gained mentors throughout these failures. Though I have failed in many ways, I have gained much more than I have lost.

REMEMBER: Failure is part of the deal. The road to success includes failure. Failure is nothing more than another opportunity to learn. It is evidence of more work to be done. Sometimes, failure is a good thing!



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