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I have learned that many people along the way, will not always understand our goals or our vision. We need to be ok with that, but we also need to be able to identify those people in our lives. Sometimes we need to help them or even learn from our differences in perspective. Other times, we need to break free from these folks and make room for those who do understand the direction we are headed with our lives. If they cannot get on board with your mission or your purpose, their efforts to contribute are likely to miss the mark.

I have done business with people who did not understand why I wasn’t prioritizing bigger financial goals over other areas of the business. When it came time to have a discussion about next steps and an upcoming strategy, we were going two different directions. His motivation was bigger numbers and less work. My motivation was more time in the thick of it, and a more valuable/inclusive service. In his mind, the service was good enough. In my mind, it wasn’t. I respect these people in my life and I am grateful for them.

Many times, an outside perspective is extremely valuable. I need marketing guidance and bookkeeping/tax support. I have these people in my life for that reason. However, I have to protect my vision, my passion, and my purpose. If I compromise my values or my mission, in order to prioritize income; the dream could die. The mission will be compromised and the vision becomes blurred.

Working with others is great, but not everyone is meant to work with you.



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