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Never underestimate the time you spend with another person.

We have no idea what other people are experiencing or going through. Our company may be the medicine they so desperately need.

For a child, spending time with an adult or role model can make an incredible difference in their lives. A father figure for a young boy could prevent him from exploring drugs or a life of crime. Some little girls have never witnessed a grown woman stand up herself and demand respect. One experience could change a girl's life forever.

A conversation with someone could change their entire outlook on life. If someone is drifting through life thinking they don’t matter; just imagine how it could impact them if you stopped to let them know you care about them. What if they don't realize that people notice their presence at all?? They may feel completely invisible. Let them know they are seen, acknowledged, and recognized.

Life is busy and chaotic, but it is that way for most people. Let us do our very best to slow down and treat those around us with care and love. Take the time to slow down and acknowledge one another. Spread peace, love, and understanding to others.

Your presence matters. Be intentional with your energy and your time. Give someone your quality time on purpose.

- Neal


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