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What do you have to give? We all have something to offer. We have all walked through one of life’s difficult experiences, If not, many of them...

What did you learn? How did you make it through?

Did you become stronger having had that experience? What would you say to someone who is going through the same thing right now in their own life?

There is somebody somewhere, who is struggling to make it through the very challenges you have already overcome.

Being a survivor of attempted suicide and finding recovery after being in active addiction for over a decade; I have come to the understanding that I have a responsibility to uphold.

Years ago, I began to feel I have a responsibility to support those going through the same things I once battled on a daily basis. I want to give hope to those who may think that there will be no tomorrow. To those people and to anyone else still "going through it" :

I want you to know this...

Not only will there be a tomorrow, but tomorrow will be beautiful and the sun will surely rise.

What is your experience to share with others? What is your message?

As you begin your week today, choose to reflect on your experiences. Examine the cracks in your heart. Ask your soul what it all means...then ask the universe to provide you with some direction regarding those things.

Whoever you are, you are amazing. You are triumphant and you are strong. You are worthy and you have value. It is time to use your victory to help other win their own battle.

- Neal


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