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Work. Train. Hustle.

Work when they play.

Train when they sleep.

Hustle and recover while the take vacations.

I started my business when I still had a full time job. I did the planning and research when I would travel or have downtime back at home. I had little downtime but I made it work. I wanted the results.

Some of my most productive brainstorming and writing sessions took place late at night in hotels across the country. When I recognized everyone was getting loose and there was no more room for productivity, I would break off away from the group. I would spend time in the empty lobbies or back in my hotel room...working, planning, building.

Early in the mornings and sometimes late at night, I would find a gym. I would take an Uber when I didn’t have a rental or if the hotel gym was trash. I made the time for it. When everybody else was waking up to make the first meeting of the day, I was already cleaned up, dressed and elbow deep in my work. I was already in the game.

On weekends or work holidays, I would spend time alone at home recovering. If I wasn’t doing that, I would go see my family and meet with potential mentors for coffee or lunch. I would read and study. I practiced the art of hustle.

When you don’t know how it will come to be, make it make sense. Build the lifestyle. Develop a formula that produces the your success and a victory.

Eat, sleep, and breathe your passions.

- Neal


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