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One of the main questions I ask myself each month, quarter, year, etc. is: Are my habits and behaviors leading me toward something positive or negative?

Does your lifestyle reflect something that will produce positive results? It sounds very simple, but it is so easy to acquire some very unhealthy habits over a short period of time. We should be proactive about our own habits and tendencies, being sure to stay on top of our own mental health. We must invite positive practices into our lives if we want positive results to come out of our lifestyle.

Am I being a good partner to my significant other? How can I be a better listener? How can I communicate in a more loving way? How can I better support her?

Am I doing my best at my job? How can I incorporate healthy principles more effectively into my day to day business practices?

Am I doing a good job helping others because I want to do the right thing? How can I be a better person for the world? How can I make myself stronger and more effective as a leader?

Think positive. Think forward. Move toward these daily.

Which way are you headed?

Have a great week!



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