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Life is beautiful but it can appear to be very ugly at times. People in our lives are not always beautiful. Careless people make mistakes that cause tragedies. Evil people prey on innocent people. Yet, life is beautiful.

Safe houses that nobody has ever heard of are saving women and children’s lives as we speak. Men are returning to their homes to be husbands and fathers after finding recovery from drugs and alcohol. Prison programs are helping criminals become reformed citizens in the community. There is beautiful stuff happening all around us. Yet, this world is evil.

There is beauty and there is darkness. With success and personal growth, there is pain involved in the process as well. We will always endure failure and loss at some point along the way. With life and with everything in it, nothing of this world is without a flaw. Do not run from relationship challenges or from struggles within your business. The beauty is found on the other side of those obstacles.

The beautiful side of life is seeing its magnificence in spite of all the dirt around. Focus on the good things and press on!



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