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“Time has a funny way of teaching us things.”

My dad said this to me one day. He was explaining to me that somethings just take time. It takes time to learn who someone really is. It takes time to adapt to a new living situation. It takes time to learn if a career path is actually for you and not. It takes time to develop a belief system.

I question so many things in life. I question people, jobs, situations, and blessings. I question things so quickly and yet, I seem to forget that answers rarely come as fast as my questions are asked. Many things need time to develop and unfold.

Today, I will do my best to allow life to happen. I will ask for clarity, and continue to live patiently. I will seek the answers, but I won’t kick down the door. I will knock and wait for the door to be opened.

Certain things just take more time than others.



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