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As we move into the holidays, it is important for me to be around the house more. I try to do more work from home during this season, so our family has more time near one another. I’ve found that just being in close proximity to my loved ones makes a big difference, when prioritized in our home.

More importantly, I try to create more distance from business during this time of year, to become more emotionally present. The work I do is intense and involving. It isn’t a stress free line of work, but quite the opposite. It is important that I prepare myself to be emotionally present more during the times I am with my family. I struggle with this, so I have to be very intentional during the holidays, more so than other times of the year. I want to value my loved ones and I want to value our time together. What better time to do that, than during the most beautiful time of year?

As you move forward into the holiday season at work, be more intentional about separating from business. Some of us work no matter what, but we can make MORE time for loved ones if we take the right actions. Let us give our focus to the things that really matter.

Have a great day!



Functional Fitness Day

*Remember to warm up properly and select a weight so that you can complete all reps with good form.

*Rest 60 secs between sets except on the supersets.

1). Front Squats 3x5 repetitions.

*go as heavy as you can for 5 reps with good form.

2). Kettlebell Swings 3 x 12 repetitions.

3). Box Pistol Squats 2 x 8 repetitions each leg.

4). Dumbbell Bench Press 3 x 12 repetitions.

5a). Chin ups 3x10

5b). Dumbbell Push Press 3x10

*Do chin-ups then do a set DB. push press immediately

6a). Db farmers carry 3 x 50 steps

6b). Hanging leg raises 3x10 at body weight

*Do DB farmers carry then do a set of hanging leg raises immediately.

Workout provided by: Juan Martinez at West Texas Strength Training Facility


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