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Sometimes, I like to decide that I cannot do things before I try them. I sell a lie to myself.

I used to make a habit of imagining all of the wonderful things that could come of my life. I would dream about being a professional baseball player or even a famous actor in Hollywood. I would daydream about the journey to fame and stardom. I would think about the glory and the women and the impact on society.

After all of the dreaming and imagining how great it would be; I always made sure to remind myself that none of it would be possible for me to accomplish. I reminded myself of all the mistake and failures I had on my record. Those things were proof of my low value in this life. As my brain went to work, I would move closer to my insecurities and snuggle up close to fear. Nice and cozy, and as miserable as can be.

Until one day, I decided to try. I decided to ignore the voices of criticism and thoughts of doubt. I chose to give it a chance. I chose to TRY. When I began trying things, I learn that I was better than I realized. I discovered that I was able to things I never knew before. I learned that I am good at working with people and I am a fast learner. I discovered that people enjoy being around me and working with me. As I began doing things I had not tried before, I learned things about myself I had never known.

What if the things we do best, are the things we have not yet done? What if your life’s true direction, will be found in something you haven’t tried yet?

I found my purpose on the other side of fear. What will you find?



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