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Take care of yourself. No matter what you believe, you will only be in this body for a single lifetime. You will not have it again. Another guarantee is this: your life can be better if you take care of your physical body. Science has proven that if you take care of your physical self, your mental and emotional being will also improve.

This is not about taking things to an extreme. I am a fitness lover. I love to lift weights, push my limits, and practice high level discipline in this regard. I eat very healthy most days, but I also enjoy sweets and delicious food on occasion. The reason I live this way is simple. Taking care of my physical self, benefits me in many ways:

- It is my way of showing God I am grateful for my life and my body.

- Practicing discipline in this area of my life, makes it easier for me to be disciplined in other areas of my life.

- Endorphins make me happier. I have battled depression and anxiety for most of my life. Exercise and a healthy diet are a powerful weapon to fight these things.

- If I look healthier, I feel better. Confidence is key for leadership and success. I want to practice both of these things every day of my life. This helps me help more people.

We all have the option to live a better life by taking care of our bodies. Make the decision to actively improve your life by being a little bit healthier each day. Let’s Work!

- Neal


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