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At what point do you consider a person to be “successful?” Is it about social status and economic positioning? Do you consider someone to be truly successful if they are in a position of power?

Or... is it about something different, like building healthy and loving family? Perhaps someone is successful if they have made a large impact on the world through social activism or their role in a charitable foundation.

Success is not a universal term. We are all free to form our own belief of what it means to be successful. I encourage you to take a deep look at yourself. Ask yourself what “success” means to you.

Focus on what moves you.

What things in life touch your soul? What ignites a passionate flame within your being?

Where do you want to see change in the world? How can you make this world a better place?

Focus on those things. Pursue them endlessly and I assure you that you will live both a successful and fulfilling life. Whatever you do, be sure you are not pursuing someone else's definition of success.



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