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Our vision of the future is limited. We can make educated guesses, but we cannot predict every outcome. We see our future the same way a car’s headlights show the road at night. After a certain distance, it becomes dark again. The light only reaches so far. I try to be proactive in as many areas of my life as possible; but it is IMPOSSIBLE to plan for every contributing factor in life.

This is difficult for me, because I am always trying to prepare for my next move. I have a hard time accepting “the unknown.” However, what once used to frustrate me and cause disturbance in my life, has now become an opportunity for me to pursue growth. When I begin to fear the unknown, I do my best to rest in my Faith. I choose to trust that life will happen as it should. I live my life KNOWING that if I do the next right thing and give my best efforts, everything will be ok. As I encounter situations that challenge me, I seek counsel from people I trust to deliver wisdom.

I have learned to live in the present. All we know is now and what happened before. The only thing we can fully address is RIGHT NOW. As you venture into the unknown, be sure not to compromise your beliefs. Do the right thing and keep focused.

Stay present.



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