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The statistics I am talking about today are made based on human behavior. Our behavior can change if we want it to. This means we can change those statistics if we change the way we are living our lives. Statistics are evidence. They are numbers representing the results of certain behaviors.

When we are given results we do not like, and shown evidence of what behaviors have brought us to that point; we are then left with two options:

  1. Follow the trend and become a negative statistic

  2. Change our behavior and produce better results...change the statistics.

Not only must we do our best to create positive change through our own behavior, but we must encourage and influence others to do the same.

Choose to change those statistics.


Almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

Change the way people view marriage. Give people a reason to desire marriage.


About 30% of households in America earn over 100k annually.

Show people that anyone can be financially successful, no matter what their background looks like. Show others how to be a good person and how to use your financial gain to change the world in a positive way. Change the way people view people with money. Change the trend of how few people are achieving financial freedom.


85% of people struggling with substance addiction relapse after treatment.

Show people suffering that long term recovery is possible. No matter how long you were in addiction and no matter how negatively addiction has impacted your life, freedom is possible. Show the world how people can change.


Nearly 40% of Americans over 20 years old are obese.

Be the reason someone struggling with obesity or body dysmorphia changes their life. Be the reason someone with a negative self image decides to change their life. Show people how fitness and nutrition can help fight mental illnesses and medical diseases. Show people that you don’t have to be a star quarterback, professional body builder, or naturally gifted to get in shape and change your life.

Refuse to be a statistic.

- Neal


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