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Those who know me, also know that I like to get the most of everything. I find joy in small moments, and I try to make use of whatever I have, as best I can.


Unfortunately, I push my physical limits too far sometimes. I am quick to skip time for rest and recovery, but never slow to take another job or schedule another task.


The things I produce begin to lose the quality I pride myself in. The work that has earned me the reputation I have, requires my full effort and can’t be done if I am struggling to stay awake. To pretend we are not human, is to compromise the work we are also passionate about. By pushing myself beyond what is reasonable, I am asking for problems.


The food we eat, how much water we drink, and the way we live has a huge impact on how we carry out our day to day responsibilities. Even if these areas are top notch in your life, you need to rest.



Move often.

Eat healthy and eat well.

Take rest and take care of yourself.


Get the most out of yourself and your life.


Have a great WEEK!



Chest Day- Hypertrophy Workout

As always, warm up properly before starting your training session, and please consult a physician before starting a new exercise regimen.

1.      Barbell Incline Press - 3 sets x 8 reps @ 65-75% rest 2-3 mins between sets

2.      Dips - 4 sets x 8-12 reps at body weight 1 min rest

3.      Db Incline Fly- 4 sets x 15 reps. 1 min rest 

4.      Pushups 3 x failure @ body weight  60 sec rests.     


Workout provided by: Juan Martinez at West Texas Strength Training Facility


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