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Sometimes, it is ok not to have all of the answers. You don’t have to have everything figured out yet.


There will always be situations that catch us off of our game. I get sick, hurt, tired, angry, etc. because I am a human and a man. We do dumb stuff, sometimes. I think it is fine to pursue perfection, but also be sure to show grace to yourself. It is very important to forgive yourself and move forward. Forgive, but don’t forget.


We don’t know EVERYTHING. These experiences occur in our lives and can disguise themselves as harmful events. If I allow the situation to teach me something, how can I consider it a complete loss? I can find a way to draw something positive of most any situation.


Give yourself grace, but don’t get lazy or forget to hold yourself accountable. Let every time that fail at something, be an opportunity to improve for the future. The more you try, the more you learn! The more you try, the better you get!


In times of real trouble, I always look to God.

Have a wonderful Sunday 🙏🏼⛪️



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