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Every morning, I have a few important choices to make.


Will I try to control the way things go or will I do my best to play my role?


Will I try to control others or will I focus on controlling my responses to others?


Will I be a giver or a taker?


Try to be the best version of you today.


Don’t let other people pull you out of character and cause you to compromise your morals. Do the right thing.


Look for ways to contribute and to give back into the stream of life. Think less about taking or receiving. Look for ways to give.


Have a great week!



Workout of the week

Full Body 

As always warm up properly before starting your training session and please consult a physician before starting a new exercise regimen.

  1. Deadlift - 8 sets x 1 reps @ 70-80% rest 2-3 mins between sets

  2. Barbell Incline Press - 4 sets x 8 reps. 1-2 min rest

  3. Pull Ups- 6 sets x 5 reps. Rest 1 min between sets

  4. Front Squat 3 x 5 reps @ body weight  60 sec rests.

  5. Russian Twists 3 x 12 reps  rest 60 seconds                   

 Workout provided by: Juan Martinez at West Texas Strength Training Facility



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