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I used to show up to places whenever I felt like showing up. Just because I told you I would be there at a certain time, didn’t mean I would actually be there at that time.

One of my other stellar qualities was that I didn’t always do what I said I would do. After I made a verbal commitment, things could change. Another opportunity would present itself that was more appealing to me, and I would abandon said commitment. How that would impact others meant very little to me. I didn’t even consider it most of the time.

Punctuality and reliability are acts of respect, consideration, and discipline. It shows others that they can depend on us and that we have the ability to contribute. It is a reflection of how we are considerate of others, that we are not just thinking of ourselves. These little details are very impactful, especially if we are trying to reestablish ourselves and regain the trust of others. We should take them very seriously.

If I cannot rely on someone to show up on time, then I will never ask them to manage a project for me. The little things say so much about a person.

If I cannot be trusted with something small, I should never expect someone to trust me with something large. If we practice these things in the smaller areas of our lives, we will see that it makes a big difference in the larger areas.

Follow through and be on time. Do what you say you are going to do. A little bit goes a long way!

- Neal


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