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Finding purpose in my pain is a difficult thing to do. I always want to wish my problems away. When I am experiencing some kind of struggle in life, my first instinct is to ask that it be removed. However, that won’t teach me anything.

When I accept the pain and embrace the challenge, my eyes are opened to see an opportunity for growth. Through painful experiences, A few things I have learned through those experiences are:

⁃ Who do I rely on? Myself or God?

⁃ How did I get here? What should I be doing differently?

⁃ I know someone who just dealt with this struggle and I judged them for something I didn’t fully understand. How can I improve in that area? Do I need to apologize to that person?

⁃ Why am I responding to this so negatively? How can I change my response?

Instead of trying to escape the pain; look for a way to grow as you fight through it. Approach these struggles as if they are a sparring match as you train for the real fight. Learn what you can, so that you may help others in the future as they confront the same or similar issues.

Find purpose in your pain.

- Neal


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