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In the gym, any expert or experienced weightlifter will tell you how important proper form is. Proper form training comes before strength training.

The reason form must come first is simple. We have to train our muscles a specific way to make progress and ovoid injury. If you don’t move correctly, you won’t target the muscles you want to train. Not only that, but something bad could happen. You could injure yourself by moving your body the wrong way. Proper form is a template built on experience and studies. I have to use proper form when I train. Over the years, I have continued to improbable in this area. By improving my form, I have recovered from ongoing aches and pains. I have also made more progress with what felt like less work.

During the same time I was learning about proper form in in the gym, I was also learning how important my form was in life. Proper form in life is being on time for work and doing my best the whole shift. Proper form is having a good attitude and being grateful for employment. Good form is taking care of my personal space and cleaning my home. It is being kind to people in public. It not all about HOW MUCH and WHAT I am doing with my time. It is about HOW I am doing what I do.

Thoughts I want to remember:

⁃ Don’t aim for the most. Aim for the best.

⁃ Don’t do everything. Do whatever you can really well.

⁃ Be a good person and show gratitude through my behavior. It’s not always about how much you do, but is always matters how well you do it.

It’s great to have a high paying job, but what is the job? It’s great to make a lot of money working overtime but who was with your family when you were at work? It doesn’t matter that someone did a bunch of high dollar deals, if a bunch of people are getting hurt in the process.

Do I barely show up to work or do I show up well rested and ready to work? Do I talk to a lot of people every day or do I have meaningful conversations with people? I need to find a balance and I need to know where that place of balance is. I am always trying to keep myself reminded to ask:

Am I practicing proper form in business and with people? Before I take on any volume, what is the quality of my current output?



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