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One of my most impactful “light bulb” moments in my life, was when I learned that I could act my way into a new way of thinking.

I spent years trying to out think and out smart my toxic lifestyle. One day, it clicked that I could follow a new set of instructions and choose to think less. As I followed a new set of principles, I found myself doing much less, but making much healthier decisions. I was able to see this because I was starting to experience great results from this new healthy behavior. I now started to understand why it mattered to do certain things. I had acted myself into a different way of thinking and it actually made sense.

I used the same method with everything after getting sober. I wanted to be smarter, so I did what the smart people were doing. I want to get in shape, so I did what the healthy and muscular people were doing. I wanted to be successful so I did what the successful people were doing. I asked questions and followed instructions. I tried and I failed and then I tried again. Today, I am still failing and trying again and again.

Each year, I fail a little less and I try a little more. I start doing things that I want to know how to do. I start being the person that I want to become by carrying out the behaviors that make you into that person.

I don’t have to say a word or even understand. I just have to know the right behaviors and carry them out. Everything else seems to follow.



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