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A tool I have used to maintain continual progress, is what I call my "Pivot System." My idea is not original and I’m sure it’s called something else, by someone I don’t even know. Buuuut, I don’t care because it is original to me lol

I am always working on a specific area of my life in a very intentional way. Whether it be spiritual, physical, professional, personal, intellectual, or anything else; I am always focused on something in my life that needs to be improved upon. In fact, EVERY area of my life could use some work. It is not because I am a screw up, but because I am a human being. We are always learning and growing as individuals.

Because I have several areas that need attention, I must spread my time and energy based upon whatever areas need the most work. As I begin to improve somewhere, I usually identify another area that needs work pretty quickly. It is a revolving door and a constant search for weaknesses, soft spots, etc. As I finish cleaning up one area, I then plan my shift to something else.

The purpose of the pivot system is to continue to make improvements. I don’t lose focus on the bigger picture. When I hit a wall or find myself feel overwhelmed with an issue, I step back and work on something else. This helps me remember a few things:

1. Don’t get stuck on the small stuff

2. I can always get better and make improvements

3. Never stop moving forward

Don’t quit. Shift gears!



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