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A simple shift in thinking can make a big difference in our lives.

A “shift” that changed my life was when I began looking for similarities as opposed to differences. Rather than looking for things I DON’T like, I began looking for things about people and situations I DO like.

When I would meet someone new, I would look for ways that I could relate to them, instead of searching for differences of opinion or beliefs. When I began looking for ways to relate with others, I began to connect with more people on a personal level.

At the beginning of my day, I decided to focus on things that make today a good day, instead of thinking of parts of the day I am not looking forward to.

As I began to focus on positive things, I have found myself enjoying life much more than I did before. "Every day" things have become brighter and people have become more attractive. My view on life has become more positive and more optimistic as a result of this simple shift in focus.

Are you focusing on the negative side of life?

How can you change your approach on life for the better today?

Don’t let the unfortunate realities of life steal your opportunity to acknowledge the beautiful side of your time here on earth.

- Neal


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