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It’s not that complicated.

As a writer and especially as a leader, I have a tendency to think I must always have groundbreaking stuff to say when people come to me for direction.

I have found that to be mostly untrue. In actuality, my responsibility is to provide clear and concise direction when we as human beings tend to over complicate things. My job is to tell the truth. Sometimes, that means saying: “I don’t know man. I’m still searching for those answers.” Or “I don’t have the answer brother. Let’s go find out together.”

It’s not supposed to be complicated, but our emotions and our impulses certainly make it seem that way. Pride has a way of slipping in the doorway as our thoughts begin to stir. Truthfully, nobody is original. We are all learning from one another as we journey through life. I make a mistake when I think that the knowledge comes from me alone. Ha! It does not.

I don’t want to make these messages out to be more than they are. They are the messages that I tell myself when I need to get centered and refocus. I believe the good ones to come from God, not myself.

Every message will be rooted in some foundational beliefs:

⁃ Love others

⁃ Have a grateful heart

⁃ Work hard

⁃ Never quit

⁃ Transcend excellence

⁃ Seek God and invest in a personal relationship with God as you know Him

⁃ Address the areas you have control over. Allow God to control the rest.

⁃ “Well done is always better than well said”

Thank you for allowing me to encourage you. It is medicine for my heart and my soul. I appreciate you...seize the day!



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