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When there are no opportunities, we create them.

Several years ago, I was struggling to find a decent job. I accepted the job I could get at the time. I was working at a car wash and it was not the most glamorous work, but I made the best of it. I did my best and received a promotion, followed by a better job offer. Years later, after a few new jobs and several promotions, I was ready for more. I wanted more responsibility and I wanted to earn a higher income. The company I had heavily invested myself in was not willing to provide that for me. I wanted to have a larger impact on the world and I wanted to have more meaning behind my work.

I decided to create my own business. The world opened up. All of those things came to be through my new career path.

When someone would not and/or could not provide an opportunity to accomplish these things, I created one for myself.

A few days ago, I read a story about a man who struggled to find a decent job due to his background. Instead of giving up or resorting to criminal behavior, he bought a hotdog stand and hired himself. As a result, he began making more money than any company was willing to pay him. He now worked for himself and had more freedom to operate as he wished.

These stories are not fairytales. These are real lives and these things have already happened. It is no longer a question of whether or not this is possible. The question is “who is next to do the same?”

When you cannot find an opportunity to pursue your destiny, you may need to create one on your own. We cannot wait on other people to make our own dreams come true.

- Neal


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