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Change is beautiful.

The biggest change in my life has come as a result of love. I remember the first time “my time” became “our time.” Bryce had only been living with us for a short period of time at that point, so our relationship was still a little awkward. I didn’t know how much to get involved as a father figure and I didn’t know how much Bryce liked me as one.

My alone time/work out time was also the same time of day Bryce was supposed to exercise and be outside. Bryce was an only child in a new city, and also committing to a new martial arts and fitness journey. One day, I walked him into the backyard for his workout and left to do my own in the garage. After I left, I turned around to go tell him something. I found him crying outside. He was scared and alone. That day, “my time” became “our time” and I knew it would need to stay that way.

Every time I choose love over comfort, my life is enhanced and my loved ones are rewarded with a better version of myself. A more supportive, present, compassionate version. The person I want to be. The beautiful changes that have taken place in my life as a result of love in my life over the last few years, have blown my mind. I want to choose this way every day.

Last Sunday evening, Antoinette and I were married at a chapel in Fort Worth. My love for Antoinette, for Bryce and for our family as a whole; is one of the greatest changes I have experienced in my life. I encourage you to embrace love and to embrace the changes that need to take place in your life.

Let the change take place ❤️



International chest day

Warm up 5-10 mins before your first working set.

Pre exhaust the pecs with

A1. Db Incline Chest Fly 3 sets x 15 reps

A2. Depth pushups with 2-inch elevation 3 sets x 10 reps

Then move to the main movements.

B1. Barbell Bench Press Low incline 4 sets x 3,3,8,12 reps

C1. Dips 4 sets X 10-12 reps at body weight

D1. Close grip pushups 3 sets x failure

Rest Periods: As needed but aim for 2-3 mins per set

Cool down and have a great Monday

Workout provided by: Juan Martinez at West Texas Strength Training Facility


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