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Peer pressure is powerful. It can be difficult to resist going to along with the crowd. However, we must always remember the importance of standing firm on our own belief system. If we make choices based on other people's beliefs and values, who and what are we living our life for?

Something that is especially difficult for me, is slowing down when business is going well. I never want to slow down. When business is good, all I want is GO. When business is rough, I can become frantic and work even harder if I am not careful.

But...what if I am sacrificing valuable time with my loved ones? What happens if I make a costly mistake because I am exhausted? What if I am trying to control too much?

Design your own schedule and own your life. Don't ever let someone dictate the way you live. When our body says it is time to rest, we need to say “no” to more gym time, golf with the boys, nights out, etc. Sometimes, business can wait.

When our family needs attention and/or our spiritual life is suffering, it’s time to say “no” to more work, travel, clients, etc.

We must know when and how to say “no.”

Know your priorities and have them in order.

Learn to hear and listen to your body and spirit. Be sure your heart is in the right place.

- Neal


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