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One of my favorite rewards from coaching, leading, mentoring, sponsorship, etc. is how rich the learning experiences I have with each person continue to be.

Last week, I was talking to one of my guys about kindness. His goal for the week was to only speak kind and truthful words to others. We discussed how to handle possible confrontations and things like that. We decided the two options for almost any situation would be to be kind or not say anything at all.

Driving home, I remembered how important it is to ask myself a few things before I speak…

Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?

If I ask myself these questions and act on them honestly, I'll have a much better experience with others. Sometimes the thing I need to work on the most is being kind to others. Simple isn’t always easy, but this one is important.

Remain a student! Remember to be kind! Have a great day!



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