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If I operated based on feelings, I’d never get a thing done.

I do stuff that I don’t want to do every single day. I used to believe the lie that says I only have to do the things I want to do. That didn’t take me very far forward in life. It led me to deserted and chaotic places. I had no intention to progress, but only an obsession with escaping my problems.

There are so many small, yet important tasks that need to be done each day in order to reach our goals. Consistency is about faith and discipline. You must believe in your behaviors and be disciplined enough to work on them every day. This is a long game.

When I operate based on principles and exercise discipline, I am at peace and in flow. During those times, I am grateful and I am productive. When I operate based on feelings, I am irritable and difficult to work with. Problems seem to multiply at a rapid pace.

It doesn’t matter how I feel. It matters what I do.

- Neal


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