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When have you had enough?

How much suffering do you endure before you make a necessary change?

How long do you let your problems continue to grow before you address the issue?

I used to endure YEARS of pain before I would become willing to consider change. I would allow myself to lose everything I had earned, because of my pride. My selfish decision to continue doing what I wanted to do would also hurt everyone close to me. Continual pain and suffering would take place, all because I didn’t feel like changing my ways.

I am grateful for the opportunity to change and I am so thankful that I changed my life. However, if I am being completely honest; it took WAY TOO LONG. It should have never carried on for so many years. We should make the decision to change our actions as soon as you we have enough evidence to recognize it as unhealthy behavior. We should not allow ourselves to make excuses and continue causing damage in our lives. Having a high pain tolerance does not justify allowing harm to continue in my life.

The continuance of negative results provide ample reason to make the decision to change. Unfortunately, change doesn't happen unless our behavior does. Let us remain willing and disciplined to make the change!

Have a great day!



Full body session

*Remember to warmup properly and select a weight that you can complete all reps

1).Barbell Squats. 4 sets x10 repetitions

*If you cannot do barbell squats try doing a goblet squat

2). Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts 4 sets x10 repetitions.

3). Dumbbell Standing shoulder press 4 sets x10 repetitions

*Try a neutral grip (palms facing each other) if your shoulders bother you.

Pull ups 4 sets x10 repetitions @ body weight

*If you cannot do pullups try an assisted version or a lat pulldown.

Hanging leg raises 4 sets x15 repetitions at body weight

Rest period for all exercises: 90-180 seconds

Workout provided by: Juan Martinez at West Texas Strength Training Facility


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