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Happy NEw Year & I'm sorry!

Good morning and Happy New Year!


I apologize for the delay in this message. I wrote what is written below for New Years Day, but never posted the blog or sent the emails. I managed to lock myself out of my own website for a little while. I am going to post and email a few extra blogs this week, so I hope that is okay with you guys. I have some fresh energy and and I am feeling God renew my spirit. I excited to share what I can. Thank you for your patience!


I hope your day is wonderful and your energy is positive today.


I have always said I don’t do New Year’s resolutions because I hate the sound of it. I don’t work on myself to be trendy and I don’t want to give myself the idea that these changes are only on behalf of the new year or even worse; only for the duration of the new year. I want to implement lasting changes in my life, and I use the start of the new year to make those things happen.


I think about who and what I should distance myself from and I think about who and what I should have more of in my life. Where do I need to step back and where do I need to lean in?

I think about the passions in my life and I think about the things I try to do on a daily basis. Every day, I try to align myself with God’s will and to help people. As the new year begins, I look for ways to devote my life to things these just a little bit more than last year.


Think about the things that need to happen in your life and take time to search for the things you are passionate about. Learn the steps it will take to make these things happen and formulate a plan to act on. Use this time as an opportunity to put those things into motion. Call it whatever you want to call it. Just take some action.


Have a great day, week, and year!




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