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Some days you have to force yourself to go through the motions. Not every day will be filled with enthusiasm or motivation. I had entire months go buy that felt very slow and difficult to me. Everyone experiences times of loss and seasons of struggle. I also believe every person will at some point in their life be forced to work through some form of depression. We all struggle in different ways.

The best way I have found to work through seasons of struggle is to rely mainly on discipline and structure. So many challenges in my life are won or lost based on how I handle my emotions. When I act out of emotion, it doesn’t take long for me to lose. When I adhere to principles and remain disciplined, I don’t have to worry about how I feel terrible. I just focus on each task and ask God to handle my rollercoaster emotions that I always seem to have.

Some days, all I have are the disciplines I have developed over the last 9 years. I built a structured lifestyle because I didn’t trust myself in the beginning. It was a safe proof system to keep me out of handcuffs. I went to work, the gym, aa meetings, church, and the grocery store. I built a foundation on doing the things I needed to do to be healthy, happy, helpful, and successful. I do these things daily and consistently. In every season of doubt, delay, distraction, or dismay; I rely on my foundation. God is at the center.

Each trial period has led me to greater strengths, further growth and a deeper level of maturity. The pathway to this was oftentimes began with me “going through the motions.” Build your foundation and develop your disciplines. A wise man said “discipline equals freedom.” (J.Willink)



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