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Everybody’s starting point looks different.

We all start somewhere. Or...we don’t. Sometimes people never leave the starting line. Some people don’t even consider starting anything.

Comparisons to other people never work out because everyone has a unique story. My focus should never be on another person’s position or progress. I should focus on two things:

⁃ Get moving in the right direction

⁃ Don’t stop making progress

When I say “start” I mean “start living.” Living FOR REAL. Set a goal. Build a business. Raise a family. Save the planet. Find your purpose! Do SOMETHING!

We have a world full of people talking about all the problems we have created for ourselves. What a giant waste of resources... it’s time to move. If you have not yet begun, let’s start today. If you already started, let’s keep moving. I’m with you and I support you. We need you.

It’s time to choose a direction and explore your passions. It’s time to work.



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