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Target the entire body. In the gym and in life...

With physical fitness, I want to target all different areas of my body. If my upper body is strong, but my lower body is not; I have a weak foundation. If my upper body is weak, and my lower body is strong; I have a strong foundation that is supporting something of little physical value. These inconsistencies continue as we move into more specific areas of the body: shoulders, arms, hands, etc. Everything works together and each area serves a purpose.

In my life, I exercise in many different ways: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, career-wise, physically, and so on... Nothing is exempt from exercise and improvement. It all needs attention and growth. If I cease feeding something, it will die. If I feed and nurture their growth, it will mature.

Try not to neglect any area of your life. As we strengthen each are, we become more useful in our purpose. As a whole, we become better. A well rounded individual is the most useful and impactful person you will find.

Target the areas that need immediate attention. Give special attention to specific weaknesses whenever necessary, but refuse to neglect any part of your life.

Work, grow, pivot, repeat.



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