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One of the more challenging aspects of personal growth through my own experiences, has been regarding people and relationships.

In early recovery, I made a lot of really good friends. I have several friends that have been in my life for many years as well. As I began to gain some emotional sobriety, my environment began to change. Some of the things I did before, were no longer of interest to me. They were not conducive to the lifestyle I wanted to have in the future. It was important to love people, while also creating healthy distance if they didn’t want to engage in a healthier, more disciplined lifestyle. Sometimes we outgrow people and situations. It won’t always be easy and you will lose some friends along the way, but these things happen.

When I started receiving promotions at work, some my coworkers changed the way they treated me. Some good and some bad, but I learned a lot about people through those experiences. When our finances and our livelihood are at stake, things can get ugly very quickly. It’s best for me to be very careful who I do business with and how I do it. When your colleagues or partners cannot rise to the occasion and meet the standard, it may be time to find new people. It’s not about feelings, but it’s always about doing good business. Don’t compromise a good product because you are emotionally attached to a person or entity.

Growth means we outgrow stuff. Sometimes, that means people. That doesn’t mean we abandoned or unfriend those people. It means we change the nature of our relationship. The work continues.

Have a great day!



ABsolute Destruction

*Remember to warmup properly and select a weight that you can complete all reps with good form.

*Rest 60 secs between sets except on the supersets.

1).Hanging leg raises 3x15 repetitions.

2). Russian Twists 3 x 12 repetitions each side.

3). Ab Wheel 3 x 10 repetitions.

4). Db Side Bends 3 x 25 repetitions each side.

5a). Full Plank 3x 60 sec hold.

5b). Hollow Body Hold 3x 60 seconds

*Do full planks then do a set of hollow body holds immediately

Workout provided by: Juan Martinez at West Texas Strength Training Facility


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