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I dislike a lot of things about the internet and social media, but I also recognize how instrumental these tools can be to accomplish good things in our lives. It is important for me to stay connected to people all over the community, the state, and around the country. Technology and the internet make that possible.

As important as it is for me to stay connected digitally, it is even more important for me to stay connected to people, face to face. The connection we have with others in-person, is irreplaceable. Virtual calls and virtual therapy will never be able to do what face to face, human interaction can accomplish. The energy doesn’t translate through a screen the way it does through a handshake or a hug.

I encourage you to utilize the tools we have available. We need to stay connected to one another, and we need to reach out to support each other. We also need not isolate. We need to get outside and we need to get together. The closest, most meaningful relationships I have in my life were built over campfires, dinner tables, cigars, funerals, weddings, fishing, and so on. Phone calls kept them afloat, but nothing can replace a hug from those people.

Hug your friends today! Have a great day!



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