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Expectations must be replaced by optimism and hope.

I love to give people the benefit of the doubt. I believe everyone has something special to contribute to this world and I believe everyone is capable of accomplishing great things.

One of my faults is how I place expectations on people and relationships in my life. Whether it be personal or professional, I have a tendency to EXPECT certain things out of a person. I don’t do this because I feel they owe me something, but I truly believe in them. I know they are capable of accomplishing great things. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it fair or ok to do.

What I have tried to do more, is instead remain hopeful for those I encounter in life. I believe in them. I am confident that they will accomplish great things if they apply themselves when and wherever necessary. I try to stay optimistic of the possible outcomes and maintain a positive outlook on the future. All we can do is establish boundaries to protect ourselves. We must hold ourselves and others accountable when standards are not met.

Expectations are a great way of setting ourselves up for disappointment. It is also a form of me saying “I know what is best” when I do not always know. Hope is healthy. Optimism is a great quality. Let us focus on these things instead of “what we think should happen.”



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