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Recently, I made a remark about how often my exhaustion leads me to relief. It can even lead me to peace if I take initiative and give a little effort.

I had endured a pretty busy week and a little bit of travel to end it off. I also missed out on some sleep. By the end of the week, I was just cool with whatever everyone wanted to do. I was done stressing about anything. I just wanted to enjoy being with my family and forget about the details. I had ceased fighting. This reminded me of a time when my reality changed as a result of surrender. Surrender is not always the same as giving up.

My life changed dramatically when I stopped trying to control and manipulate everything. It changed because I not only stopped trying to manipulate and control things as much, but I also learned how to accept life the way it is. If I cannot accept things the way they are in life, I become delusional. I have found peace in acceptance.

When we are running on fumes, we value our energy much more. We are more careful and specific with the battles we choose to fight. When I am getting my ass kicked by life, I find myself to be more patient, gracious, and understanding. I become more helpful.

May we all remember to be of this temperament, without the need to feel pain in order to find our way there.

Have a great week!



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