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One of my greater challenges in life is letting things be.

Leaving things alone is not my forte. I like to fix things until they break. When it breaks, I call the repair man. I am the repair man. I call myself. It’s me. I do everything, from fixing to breaking and trying to repair the fixed things I break. Every now and then, I actually fix something. It’s usually because of good fortune and someone else help, but I take the credit and convince myself I am the only one who should be in charge.

It’s not a good system, I know. It’s funny to see it written that way and it’s laughable to think someone would do that in real life. Yet, so many of us do this a lot. We try to control everything. We don’t trust anyone to do the work, so we over commit. We overstep boundaries and we try to take on projects outside of our field of expertise. All in the name of fear.

My greatest fear is that something bad will happen if I don’t have a hand in. But, my involvement often causes the most problems. My life has changed for the better as I have learned to only insert myself when needed or asked. That does not mean when I think someone “needs” my help or input. It means in situations that require it, like work and relationships, etc.

I don’t know everything. Sometimes my efforts to help are not helpful. Not every project is my project. Some things are better if I leave them alone.

Don’t get too handsy. Have a great day!



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