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It isn’t supposed to be easy.


You aren’t supposed to have a trophy yet.


It doesn’t always feel good in the beginning. It usually feels the opposite for a while. True story: I went to the gym 5-6 days a week and trained for 2hrs a day. It took six months before I genuinely thought I looked any better. I didn’t feel confident in the weight room until after about a year or so. It may not go that way with you, but it did for me.


I didn’t start succeeding until I was almost 30 years old. I was a jackass throughout the majority of my twenties.


I honestly tried to quit drugs and alcohol, at least 10 times before I was sable to stay sober for more than 3 months. I could not stay sober long than a few days unless I was locked up in some kind of facility.


So often, things are the difficult for good reason. We need to develop and we need to show consistency before we can expect to have confidence, stability,  and a claim to be skilled in something.


Don’t run from the challenge. Look failure in the eye and lean into your next courageous pursuit.


Have a great day!




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