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In recovery, we have what is called a “daily reprieve” from our addiction that is only made possible if we do some specific things. Basically, if we do this stuff, we experience freedom. The caveat is that you have to do those things every day to stay free. Yesterday’s work doesn’t guarantee results today.

From that, I have learned the importance of committing to a behavior and belief, every single day. What matters most is what is happening right now. It is rewarding to reflect back on years of effort and contribution, but the only thing that matters right now is what you do today. This is the mindset that keeps us moving forward and keeps us giving back.

I’m proud of you for the work you’ve done and the difference you have made. Now, that’s just evidence of the amazing thing you can achieve if we keep moving forward. Your current accomplishments are just a preview of your future.

Head down, eyes forward. How can I make a positive impact today?



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