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Consistency Required

Repetition produces results. Showing that you can do something, only matters if you continue to do it. As impressive as your skills or talents may be, lasting results come as a result of consistent efforts.


If you drink and fight your family members consistently for ten years, pleas don’t be terribly surprised if nobody throws a party for you after 30 days of sobriety and calm behavior.


If you start your new job with a great attitude and give your best efforts for the first month; it would be silly to quit because you didn’t get a raise and a promotion on Day 32.


I understand these are extremes, but you get the point.


As you begin to put days together, do your best to put your head down and stay focused on the work. We are a long ways away from any kind of celebratory or congratulatory events taking place, so get in your zone, collect some days, and build some consistency.


Have a great day today!




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